Project Ballie

Ballie is your first life personal home robot, designed to proactively assist you in your daily tasks. It responds to your commands, and understands your needs.

Meaningful Mobility

Ballie comes to you and follows you to where you need it. It is designed to move around your home, and uses its built-in sensors and camera to move around the home and follow you. It can take care of your digital as well as physical life, because it goes where you go.

Proactive Care

Ballie is designed to be actively helpful. Thanks to its mobility, Ballie can be proactive in taking care of daily tasks around the house. For example, it can detect a mess and schedule the robot vacuum to clean it, or keep an eye on your pet.

Trustworthy Tech

Ballie is engineered to follow you around the home using it's on-device AI capabilities and advanced and reliable drive system, all without having to rely on any cloud capabilities. It is an engineering marvel, wrapped in a beautiful, friendly, safe, and dirt-resistant body.

Care for Everyone

Ballie can patrol your home, or be a fitness assistant who comes to you and that supports you. It can be a controller that helps seniors navigate their smart devices, but also checks in on their safety. It can monitor the kids while you run to the garage, and be with your pet when you go to work.

Friendly and Familiar

Ballie’s spherical design evokes familiarity & friendliness. This apple-sized, ball-like shape is easy to hold, and the detachable external shell was built to protect users as well as Ballie from the bumps and scrapes of life.