The first circular smart watch

Gear S2 is all about being intuitive, beginning with its design and natural and haptic navigation ring. It's a sleek timekeeper that pays both homage to the traditional watch, and defines the future path of wearables.


Gear S2 is all about being intuitive. Beginning with its design. It's a sleek timekeeper that comes in a choice selection of different materials. And with its stylish variety of bands and watch faces, it's a new look any time you want.

Samsung has teamed up with some of the biggest characters and the most iconic artists to bring a smile to your face every time you look at your Gear S2. The result is a range of watch faces and watch bands that completes your personal style.


From checking the current weather in London to your heartbeat. From replying messages to playing the song that keeps you going. The incredibly intuitive control bezel, first created for Project Small, gives the Gear S2 the perfect mix of traditional physicality and cutting edge digital access. It's all at your fingertips with a turn of the rotating bezel.

Design Process

For the Gear S2, we worked with Samsung designers and engineers to perfect every aspect. The bezel has exactly 24 detents, so that it moves far enough to use without looking, but not so far as to feel vague. The UI and icons have been refined over numerous iterations to create an experience that is thoroughly tuned to the circular shape — no random rectangles here! And the shape of the body itself is a master combination of mechanical wizardry, incredible packaging, and bulletproof strength — everything you would expect from a great watch, and all the power of the perfect personal companion device.