Samsung Galaxy Gear

Based on the product concept of Project Small, the Samsung Galaxy Gear features the first wearable band-based camera, optimized to let users take photos on the go.

Stay in the moment

The Samsung Galaxy Gear was designed to help you stay in the moment, whether you needed to check on the latest meetings, answer a phone call, take a picture, or simply check the time. With two noise-cancelling microphones and an autofocus-capable camera, the Gear created the next step in wearable technology, and took us one step closer to the future we imagined.

It's all connected

The Samsung Galaxy Gear seamlessly connects via Bluetooth to the capabilities of the Galaxy series smart phones, allowing notifications and application data to be shared seamlessly.

The perfect companion

The perfect companion to the Samsung Galaxy smart devices, the Galaxy Gear is the perfect complement. It brings all the capabilities of the phone that you use the most -- notifications, messaging, calls, camera -- directly to your wrist.

Capture daily life from your wrist

The 2MP backside-illuminated autofocus camera of the Galaxy Gear is a world first. Never has a company tried something so audacious -- to place a full camera system within a flexible strap of a wearable. The result is stunning photos taken at the perfect natural angle of the wrist. If sees what you see, as soon as you raise your arm to take the photo.

Process behind

From durability to user experience to modeling the battery life of a wearable with a camera, TTT worked on every aspect of the design side-by-side with Samsung production engineering teams to make this product a reality. And then, we helped present the idea of the wearable on stage at IFA and beyond.