Samsung Health+

Health+ is our effort to start from scratch in developing a completely new generation of heart rate and stress monitoring algorithms that are faster, more noise resilient, and more physiologically meaningful.

Stress detection

Stress is the natural response of the body to difficult situations -- whether it is an infection or the death of your long-time pet or someone cutting you off in traffic. The changes in stress cause a change in the heart rate -- and paradoxically, the more stress the body suffers, the more metronomic the heart pulses become.

We have created algorithms that can detect when a signal is caused by a heart beat or noise on a per-beat level, and then also understand if that beat is due to the body controlling the beat (stressed) or random (unstressed). From this, we can reliably know heart rate and stress level, even if you are moving or even lift your finger from the heart rate sensor.

Built into Samsung Health

The algorithm was thoroughly tested in medical facilities against medical-grade sensors, and is now the default algorithm in all devices uses Samsung Health. Millions of people around the world have access to 3x faster stress measurements and instant heart rate, further cementing Samsung's commitment to first-rate health support in our devices.