Ona is a cost-effective interactive solution that unlocks the full potential of large format displays transforming them into fully interactive experiences to engage and captivate audiences.

Innovative radar-based sensing technology.

Ona’s radar-based technology avoids the use of cameras and costly touch technologies, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for any environment, regardless of display size, lighting conditions, or privacy concerns.

The power of motion-tracking and advanced multi-touch sensing.

Ona serves as a new sense for your digital signage, akin to the sense of touch and sight in a human. Its advanced multi-touch sensing capabilities enables multiple users and inputs simultaneously, and its motion tracking technology can detect the number and location of viewers in real-time.

Real-time intelligent decision making.

Ona analyzes its surroundings in real-time and makes intelligent decisions on what content to display based on the number of people present, their location, and their behavior. This high level of customization ensures that content is both engaging and relevant to the target audience.

A world first at Samsung Developers Conference.

Ona was first unveiled at SDC as a fully interactive exhibit, sparking the playfulness of visitors from across the globe. The exhibit allowed attendees to compete in a "Where's Wally" inspired game, discovering SDC-themed avatars within a dynamic city-map that would cleverly disappear and reappear based on the user's position.

A powerful tool across every industry.

Ona empowers businesses across retail, hospitality, healthcare and transportation to create engaging applications, while gathering insightful analytics like shopper behavior, guest traffic patterns and product engagement.