Project Afterlife

On average, there are 1.7 unused phones per US household - they often have cracked screens, scratches, and used batteries – yet they are still functional. Afterlife is an award-winning product concept that gives legacy devices a final purpose as timeless, functional artefacts, designed to be treasured forever.

Three delightful interaction modes to choose from.

The ‘Endless Clock’ generates a new, unique clock face with every movement. ‘Timeline’ brings your memories to life with past photos, letting you relive your best experiences. ‘Moment’ transforms your photos into stunning abstract art, adding a new dimension to your cherished times.

E-waste is the most rapidly growing waste problem in the world.

Afterlife is designed to work with any phone, regardless of size or manufacturer. New purpose is given to these legacy devices, reducing the long-term negative environmental effects of smartphones.

A timeless artefact to add to your mantlepiece.

Afterlife is innovative by requiring no additional sensors to enable its interaction modes. It takes advantage of the phones existing internal sensors to detect position and orientation, transforming it into a unique addition to your home.

Designed for sustainability and longevity.

The Afterlife body is beautifully constructed out of a single piece of recycled plastic, with a recycled brass knob for additional input and rocking effect, making it sturdy and eco-friendly. The project promotes a circular economy and reduced waste in the world through elegant design.

Enabling endless possibilities for your legacy devices.

Building physical prototypes and testing ideas with real world users was a critical step in choosing a design direction. As a concept, the possibilities for Afterlife are virtually endless, as phones can be retrofitted into an infinite number of products and artefacts.