Project Beyond

Project Beyond is the world’s first true 3D omniview camera. It redefines the way we create experiences, in a form factor that is easy to carry and use.

16 + 1 Cameras

Sixteen cameras with advanced optics arranged in a unique interleaved pattern capture the world in true stereoscopic omniview 3D. Combined with the top camera, Project Beyond allows you see another reality as if you were physically there.

Call the shots

Project Beyond is the smallest true 3D omniview camera in the world. Its compact size and simplicity makes it easy to take it wherever you go. Take it anywhere.A comprehensive set of connectivity options, internal SD recording, and phone-based remote control makes it versatile on the go as well as on the set.


Experience stunning ultra-high definition 3D in every direction you look. To transport you into an immersive world, Project Beyond streams 3D images at a higher resolution than your UHD TV.

Engineering Marvel

Project Beyond captures and processes over 35 megapixels per frame. That's over a gigapixel per second. The software knits together an immersive, detailed environment that you can experience in real time.

Another Reality

Go beyond virtual reality to another reality. Be in another place. Travel to a different time. Experience all the content from Project Beyond with Gear VR, its perfect companion.

Stream Live

Don't miss out just because you missed the plane. Teleport to all the events, concerts, and places you have always wanted go. Project Beyond streams live events in real time in the most immersive way. Don't just watch live video. Be there!

Our Process

We started Project Beyond with one simple purpose: to immerse. As the first truly usable omniview 3D camera, we needed to not only build prototype systems, but we also needed to capture lots of video with those prototypes. We have created a page where you can explore some of the places we have captured with the Beyond Camera prototypes.

Immerse Yourself!