Project Nimbus

Project Nimbus is an innovative, privacy-preserving core technology that enables low-cost hand gesture and position tracking with minimal computational load. It creates highly intuitive interfaces across a variety of use-cases including cockpit control, XR and personal computing.

Highly intuitive 3D tracking and gesture recognition.

With Nimbus you can experience the best of touch free interaction, with the ability to use a wide range of hand gestures in 3D space to control everyday devices effortlessly.

Simple integration with minimal cost and efficient computation.

Nimbus extends the interaction space of any environment through a purposeful combination of inexpensive infrared technology and tailor-made machine learning detection algorithms.

The future of in-car control experiences.

Presented at CES 2018, Nimbus was integrated into a connected car of the future concept, showcasing the integration of Samsung’s innovative technology with intuitive control interfaces in a compact form factor.

Robust design usable in even the harshest environments.

Wearing gloves? Public interactive displays? Wet or dirty hands? No problem. Nimbus is extremely versatile in its application and tackles the pain points of physical touch displays of hygiene and surface contact.

Designed for integration in a range of use-cases.

Nimbus can be integrated into a wide variety of consumer electronics products thanks to its highly efficient computation, flexible form factor, and economical price point.

Complete confidence in user privacy through cameraless technology.

Nimbus provides the ultimate peace of mind on user privacy by using infrared sensors rather than cameras to enables its gesture control experience.

Meticulously developed over countless iterations.

Nimbus was prototyped from the ground up at TTT, in collaboration with Augmented Human Lab, enabling accelerated technological discovery.