Ravel Workspace

A human-centric remote collaboration and support platform designed to enhance interactions across text, video and audio. Ravel provides a fluid experience between users and experts, currently used at major retailers and is rapidly expanding into other industries.

Built to be highly adaptable and customizable.

A powerful suite of interface customization options that can be tailored to a range of industries, providing the necessary tools for effective interaction between experts and customers in any context.

Designed to excel in multi-modal interactions.

Multi-modal input compatibility allows for a diverse range of support contexts and high flexibility for customer engagement, taking advantage of text, audio, video, and live drawing.

AI-powered to simplify the complex world of user interactions.

Ravel offers a unique user experience by utilizing the latest advancements in AI, empowering you with the ability to quickly make confident, informed decisions at any stage.

Engineered to work flawlessly across devices.

Built to be multi-platform with easy integration, so it can be used from anywhere, anytime on multiple devices.

From design discovery to real-world delivery.

The platform uses live user feedback to inform its design iterations. It is constantly adapting to deliver the highest level of experience and is now fully deployed for customer-agent support applications.