Samsung Bot Chef

Samsung Bot Chef is a product concept that brings cutting edge robotic technology to the home. Bot Chef can work by your side to help you prepare the perfect meal. It can understand voice commands and recipes, and using two Saram arms, can help you chop, stir, season, and cook your meal perfectly.

Understandable and Understanding

Bot Chef can read, understand, and divide up the tasks in regular recipes, and use tools that you normally use. Need to change up the recipe? It's as easy as saying "Hey Bot Chef, add some balsamic vinegar".

Sees Like You

Bot Chef uses multiple sensors to look at the kitchen surface. It can use the sensors to find things in the ever-changing kitchen, and can ask for help if it can't find or reach something.

Sees You Too

The vision and sensor system can detect your presence near any sharp, hot, or dangerous items. If it see you nearby, it will slow down or stop completely, and wait for you to move away before continuing.

Shares Your Tools

Bot Chef can hold and manipulate the same tools you already use, saving precious counter space. The sensitive gripper is able to hold tools stiffly to stir or whist, and yet can also gently squeeze a bottle of sauce.

Learns in moments

Bot Chef can learn new skills by downloading them from a skills ecosystem. Using skill and computer vision, it can find and use normal non-smart appliances to help you blend a soup or make a cup of coffee.