Everything. Connected.

Samsung Flow isn't just an application; it's a platform. It allows applications to seamlessly transition your activities across devices and across time. With Flow you can change devices in the midst of an activity or pause an activity until you're ready


Transferring an activity on the fly allows you to use the best device for the task at hand. Pick up right where you left off rather than starting from scratch on the new device.


Sometimes the right device is not immediately at hand, or there just isn't enough time to finish a task. Samsung Flow allows you to defer an activity and resume it when you're ready — moving activities across time as well as devices.

Task List

Flow's Task List provides a single place to track your deferred activities. Simply tap an activity to resume it, or swipe it away to remove it. Flow synchronizes your deferred activities across your devices when they're near each other.


Most Android applications provide a Share action, which means that Flow readily works with thousands of existing applications. Defer a YouTube video you don't have time to watch, keep track of a restaurant you want to try, or open a link on your tablet from Twitter on your phone.

Flow also allows deeper integration options for external developers, so applications can include a Flow action directly. Direct integration allows applications to take full advantage of Flow's capabilities and provide truly seamless experiences.