Project Saram

Project Saram brings robotics to the consumer space, combining cutting edge human-robot interaction, mechanical design, and artificial intelligence to make a robot anyone can use.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Saram is designed from the ground up to take inspiration not from a backhoe but from a KitchenAid mixer. Like the mixer, it brings the functionality of an industrial appliance to the home is a form factor that is sleek, economical, and easy-to-use, while retaining all the power and effectiveness on cutting-edge robotics.

Perfect for Small Business

Saram is well suited not only for the home, but also for small businesses that have been unable to tap into the robotics revolution due to high cost of robots and programming. With its intuitive skill-based software and a variety of special-purpose end effectors, Saram is meant to allow small businesses to access the productivity that robots can bring. Assembly line not required.