Think Tank Team

We are a small team of interdisciplinary researchers, scientists, designers, strategists, and engineers.

We believe

We believe that life is the best inspiration, and we develop ideas into products and science into technology that anyone can use. We intuit, and then we prove.
We don’t just imagine the future - we build it. We believe that only by holding things in our hands can we fully refine an idea and realize its true potential.
Ballie is your first personal home robot. It is a life companion that orchestrates and acts as an interface to your devices and your digital life.
Project Saram brings robotics to the consumer space, combining cutting edge human-robot interaction, mechanical design, and artificial intelligence to make a robot even anyone can use.
Project Green is your own in-home farm-in-miniature. Using fogponics technology developed by NASA, the modular unit grows your favorite small plants right in your refrigerator.
Based on algorithms developed at TTT, Health+ makes the heart rate and stress sensing on every Samsung device more accurate, more motion-resilient, and up to 3x faster.
Spot turns any normal TV, as well as the space in front of it, into a touch and gesture sensitive area.
Project Beyond is the world’s first true 3D omniview camera, in a form factor that is easy to carry and use.
Samsung Flow is our answer to seamless multi-device experiences. Content and connections are moved instantly from device to device or queued for later so you can do the right tasks with the right devices.
Gear S2 is all about being intuitive -- from its design to the haptic navigation ring. It both pays homage to tradition and defines the path to future wearables.
Based on the product concept of Project Small, the Samsung Galaxy Gear features the first wearable band-based camera, optimized to let users take photos on the go.
The progenitor of Samsung Galaxy Gear and Samsung Gear S2, Small redefines wearables. It takes wearables from accessory to true computing devices with simple, physical UX and AR-based functionality.